Steelcase x Microsoft Webinar: Review

We hope those of you who joined Steelcase and Microsoft’s interactive session last week left feeling inspired and optimistic for the post-pandemic workspace. In what has been a testing time for everyone, experiences of working from home will be completely unique. And these experiences will influence needs and expectations on our return to the office.

To understand the impact the pandemic has had on these expectations, Steelcase have conducted research across 10 countries, engaging with over 32,000 people. These studies have uncovered five overarching needs: safety, belonging, productivity, comfort and control.


As we re-emerge as a pandemic-aware society, our decisions on where to work will be based on a new set of safety standards; a place where we can connect with colleagues or retreat for focused work, all whilst having access to varying posture suited furniture.

Leading organisations are listening to this collective experience and seeing it as an opportunity to reinvent their policies, offices and overall work experience. An expected shift is designing spaces to help mitigate disease transmission, to offer employees autonomy over where specific tasks take place, to build an inspiring and connected culture, and to easily adapt to change.

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