Ultimate Product Spotlight: Bamboo by Frövi

Showing that sustainability doesn’t mean compromising on style or quality, Frövi are welcoming a new era of responsible production with the announcement of their Bamboo collection. Designed with the planet in mind, the shelves, cupboards, storage boxes and tabletops in this range are made from its namesake; a material which is widely known for being an extremely sustainable hard wood alternative.

Bamboo is a plant that offers limitless potential for the future environment. It absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than standard trees and only takes a year to grow back after it’s been harvested. It also boasts a negative carbon footprint as well as the ability to withstand and kill bacteria, making it an excellent long-term solution for commercial furniture.



Created by their in-house design team, the newly launched Frövi range utilises ‘common components’, optional acoustically-sound felt panels consisting of 70% recycled PET and 100% recycled nylon (PA6) connectors.

The minimalist silhouette of Bamboo offers a modern way of zoning, organising and showcasing accessories and books over an arrangement of shelves, cupboards and storage boxes. With varying reconfigurable templates, including media wall and breakout variations, Bamboo has been designed to suit any workplace, achieving a bespoke zoning solution.



The structural frames are available in any of Frövi’s RAL colours, allowing the design to seamlessly fit into a specified colour scheme or to make a bold statement, whichever is preferred. Their powder coatings, from steel blue to burnt orange to dusky pink, are cured at lower oven temperatures, reducing energy usage and waste generation.

From development to delivery, each component of Bamboo boasts environmentally conscious design that offers strength, sustainability, versatility, and a green alternative.

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