Steelcase – Carbon Neutral Now, Carbon Negative Next.

Steelcase believe real change happens when purpose driven companies move beyond a transactional social impact model to a transformational one. Founded by progressive thinkers who held environmental protection as one of their core values, they have built a legacy around a collective commitment to protect and preserve the planet. Summer 2020 saw Steelcase achieve a carbon neutral status and their next bold, Science Based Targets approved mission is to achieve carbon negative in the next decade.

Reports suggest building operations contribute to 28% of global carbon dioxide emissions alongside building materials and construction contributing 11%. Since buildings and offices are part of the problem, they believe it’s their responsibility to be part of the solution. Using their core values to guide commitments and fuel action, Steelcase have reduced their operations’ greenhouse emissions by over 30% and aim to increase this to 50% by 2030.


Carbon Neutral-Steelcase


“Steelcase is proud to lead our industry in addressing this critical global issue,” said Jim Keane, President and CEO, Steelcase. “We continue to see the destructive effects of climate change that touch the lives of people in communities around the world and are pleased to be taking immediate steps in the right direction.”

To accomplish this over the next decade, they plan to improve energy usage, reduce waste in their operations and align company behaviour and decisions to support this strategy. Since most of their emissions are considered indirect, Steelcase plan to engage suppliers to set their own targets by 2025 and additionally, they will invest in a series of audits to be performed at their top emitting facilities to seek out energy efficiency opportunities. Together with their employees, customers, partners, communities and shareholders their aim is to continue using business as a force for good.

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