Hansgrohe have been producing innovative sanitation solutions in Germany since 1901.

“Made in Germany” has always been a recipe for success for Hansgrohe. Around 80% of Hansgrohe production takes place in Germany: in six plants in the Black Forest.

The Black Forest is famous for its innovation. Inventions from the Black Forest think tank have been shaping the bathroom landscape all around the globe. Lots of products, concepts and solutions developed and designed at Hansgrohe have provided incentives for the international sanitation sector. Some made bathroom history, maybe even cultural history. Such a long and successful history motivates Hansgrohe to stay ahead of the game.

So whether it is kitchen mixers, bathroom mixers, or stunning showerheads, you can be sure that Hansgrohe have the products to truly modernise your space. The environment and sustainability are close to the hearts of everyone at Hansgrohe. They are committed to decreasing water wastage, CO2 emissions and utilising more recycled products than ever before, Hansgrohe can now offer products that are not only visually stunning, but are ethical too.